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Podiatry in Fremont

Our feet support our entire body weight and are among our hardest working body parts, but it’s only human to take them somewhat for granted. That ends, of course, the moment we start having to deal with any of the assorted pains and problems that can attack the feet and make life difficult. Elite Surgical Center may very well be the finest resource for outstanding Podiatric Surgical Treatments in Fremont and the Bay Area. Our outstanding team of leading surgeons and our compassionate and thoroughly professional medical support team are here to do our best on behalf of patients with all types of foot issues.

Foot pain can have numerous causes, everything from shoes that are poorly constructed or don’t quite fit, to aging and excess strain, to fungi-borne ailments such as athlete’s foot to more serious conditions such as diabetes and gout, to structural issues such as bunions. Yes, aside from impacting our quality of life, foot issues can be warning signs of more serious problems.

Our Podiatrist colleagues are highly skilled surgeons as well as sensitive and caring professionals who understand that foot problems can be far more difficult than most people understand. Covering a range of issues from bunions and spurs to chronic ankle and heel discomfort, our podiatrists understand that no pain is ever minor when it’s your pain. Elite Surgical Center is the place to find the kind of outstanding foot doctor Fremont residents need for the full range of issues impacting our their lowest extremities.

Whether you need an outstanding foot doctor in Fremont or any other services offered here at Elite Surgical Center, please call us at THIN.2.2.THIN , or (844) 622-8446 or visit our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Address: 1860 Mowry Ave. Suite 401, Fremont, CA 94538   |  Toll-free: THIN.2.2.THIN (844-622-8446) | Local:510-556-5000